Little Birds Waiting for Spring

Like most of the country, I’m tired of the cold winter days. It’s March for heaven’s sake! I did see a robin today though. Made me think of my little birds, so I thought I’d share. bird-2bird-3 bird-4 bird,ribbon,-hanger bird

So It Begins

December 1st!! It has come, ready or not. Are you like me and feeling like it is too soon to begin the countdown to Christmas?IMG_2570Well it is here none the less. I am determined to enjoy this season to the fullest.IMG_2547Each day as it comes.IMG_2556So day one is here and there are only 24 days leftIMG_2560

Texting Collaberation

I’ve never worked with a client quite this way before. A friend’s, friend wanted me to create something special with her grandmother’s brooch. So the friend came over. The friend’s friend lives out of state but she came over as well…via text. So we set off on the creating. Make this….text a picture; adjust that…text a picture.texting-details-of-broochAll in all it took quite a few pictures, comments, and even an actual call but we got it to the point her last text read: “perfect!” Technology, you just gotta love it!burlap-paper-flower-brooch

A Wedding Bouquet

There’s nothing quite as special as making the bride’s bouquet! I’ll also admit there nothing quite as intimidating! Oh how I want it to be perfect for her. After all it is her special day. Here’s some shots of my latest. And it has such a fun story to tell. DSC_5939The music is a special song! He listed it on his online profile as music he liked. It was her favorite too. The rest is history!DSC_5941Of course his boutonniere is made of the same music.special-music-roseI’m guessing it will be played at some point in the celebration!music note butounneireHere’s wishing them years of “harmony” and love!DSC_5944

Interruptions of Creativity

I have much to do.

A couple of custom orders need my attention.

It’s hot and humid outside.


Yet, I find my self-drifting from all of the above. I just can’t seem to help myself.


I made a wreath for the Fall….wreath2

Do you ever just need the freedom to create whatever seems to catch your interest for that moment?  I sure do. Actually, I believe it helps me work better on my “to do” list. Besides, now I’m one up for “production” of things a little down the road.